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Welcome to the premier website for Anchorage real estate! It is my pleasure to share with you the joy of homeownership. You can perform a comprehensive Anchorage property search, view all homes for sale in Anchorage, including Peter’s Creek, Downtown Anchorage, Hillside, Chugiak and Willow. You can learn about Buying a Home and research Selling your Home. As a highly experienced property seller in Anchorage Alaska you can utilize my keys and strategies to buying or selling homes and real estate in the Anchorage area.



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We know Alaska Property. If you need to buy or sell any Anchorage Home or any Alaska Real Estate, please call me first. With our seasoned knowledge of property in Alaska, we know what is selling and what buyers are looking for. We strive to make your home sale the fastest and easiest there is.


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Did you know that from here on out prices will start to rise on real estate and homes in the Anchorage area? Why is this? Because the most popular time to buy is in the spring and summer and especially around the end of the school year. So if you want the best deal in Anchorage real estate now would be a great time to start looking. If you’re buying or selling, it doesn’t matter what the weather’s doing outside - be it sunny or frightful, buyers and sellers are still closing on deals around the Anchorage area. Give me a call and let spend the weekend looking at homes or properties in the area. Don’t let a little snow get you down; it’s a great time to buy and a good time to sell especially if you need to sell quickly. Give me a call and let’s get started.

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With years of experience we have seen Anchorage Homes pass through the gamut of markets and trends. When it comes to listing your Anchorage Real Estate in this market, you don't need a fly-by-night agent. You need someone that has devoted his or her life to Property in Anchorage. Give us a call today for a listing presentation and what we can do to sell your Anchorage Home. We list all Homes for Sale in Anchorage on our site and this is accessible to thousands through our vast network of connections all over the country.